AVG CloudCareCloud Manage Your Organisations Security From A Single Web Console

We have been supplying AVG Cloudcare to our business and education clients for the last two years and the uptake has been fantastic. Their are a few simple reason why, the main being how easy the system is to roll out and manage and the other being features which are business clients need such as content filtering.

AVG CloudCare For Business

To business we supply AVG CloudCare combing it with our support contracts meaning we have active monitoring of virus issues and can quickly role out other features such as content filtering.

CloudCare For Education

For education organisation we can often make a significant saving over other vendors AV solutions and provide a control panel to allow on-site ICT staff to roll out, monitor and manage their own security.

What Does CloudCare Include

AVG Antivirus


Direct integration with our flagship. A single, central management platform alerts you when issues arise and enables you to push policies and automatic updates across all of your accounts easily and efficiently.

AVG Content Filtering


Helps protect users from malicious online content and blocks access to many inappropriate websites. Boost their productivity and yours by centrally managing web access based on client defined usage policies.

AVG Cloud Backup


Protect client data from loss with regularly scheduled backups to the cloud that run automatically. Easily and quickly restore a single file or an entire directory if customer data becomes lost or corrupt.

AVG E-mail Security


Offer your clients the essential email services they need – from blocking viruses and spam to complying with industry regulations and privacy requirements. Deploy, manage and update these services remotely using AVG CloudCare.

AVG Secure Sign On


Provide a simple, easy to implement cloud-based user authentication service to secure and manage SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Solve your BYOD challenges.

AVG Remote IT


Remote connect to systems with AVG client installed including taking control of the desktop allowing you to perform a great number of tasks without physically visiting the machine or having to install additional software.

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Automatic updates and upgrades
Ensure that your employees’ protection is always up-to-date. Real-time updates, upgrades, and even uninstalls are automatically pushed to your employees’ computers so there’s no need to waste time with manual checks.

Protects while browsing:
AVG AntiVirus works with any web browser to check files before they’re downloaded and to scan URLs to protect your employees while searching, shopping, and banking online.

Verifies links before you click:
Actively checks web links before it’s clicked to prevent your employees from visiting malicious websites. Also provides automatic, real-time scans of any links exchanged on Facebook®, Twitter®, or Skype®.

Blocks hackers:
Our firewall works on both wired and wireless networks to protect your company’s data and prevent malware from taking over your PCs. With inbound and outbound port and application protection, your business is always protected.

Scans without distractions:
AVG Smart Scanning reduces distractions. Scans run only when your employees are not using their PCs, and switch to low-priority mode while they’re working.

Protects identity:
If your employees shop online, we’ll warn them when we detect any potentially dangerous software trying to steal their passwords or credit card numbers.

Manage distracting websites with a single click to keep your employees focused on business-related tasks no matter where they may be. Stay informed and in control with activity reports sent straight to your inbox.

Automatic website blocking:
Automatically blocks sites by category and sorts more than 60 million sites into subgroups for increased granularity. You can set flexible Block/Warn Only/Allow privileges for employee access.

A second line of defense:
Malware category provides another layer of defense, stopping threats before they enter your network. Also iCat Dynamic Filtering scans any pages not yet categorized in our database to help ensure that new threats don’t slip through.

No proxy required:
No hardware or network changes are needed, and the service does not require any rerouting of traffic, which could slow your Internet speed.

Secondary local passwords:
Create a secondary, local or group passwords for office managers to override blocked pages without compromising the administrative password.

Real-time alerts:
Your IT provider can stay on top of things by receiving instant email alerts whenever there’s an issue.

Flexible scheduling:
Allow employees to access specific websites at specific times. For example, you can give your employees access to Facebook® during their lunch break, but block access for the rest of their workday.

Activity reports:
Gives you real-time information about employees’ Internet use. Easily view PC names, logged-in users, IP addresses, URLs, actions taken (e.g., if an employee was blocked, warned, or allowed), and the number of times someone tried to access a site.

Three simple installation options:
The latest AVG® Cloud Backup service can be deployed remotely, by email invitation, .EXE or .MSI installation package or real-time deployment from the cloud.

Simple policy setup:
Use the ‘out-of-the-box’ policy or customise requirements including how often backups take place and what types and size of data files are captured.

Set up alerts for your customers and receive emails with any backups that have failed, missed their schedule or have been successfully completed.

Data reporting:
Generate real-time reports on stored data usage, individual device usage, backup plans, history and much more.

View and restore files anytime:
If data is lost or becomes corrupt, backed up data can be viewed and restored directly from the AVG CloudCare portal.

SQL and Exchange:
Back up Backup and restore SQL 2008 and 2012 databases, Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 mailbox databases from the AVG Business CloudCare Portal.

Protect Servers:
ShadowProtect® enables you to image and backup servers to protect against hardware failures, lost information or even issues that arise with a location move.

AVG Email Archive:
Archives email, and provides powerful email search capabilities, simple email recovery to the user’s inbox, and web-based access to the archive for business continuity.

AVG Email Archive Lite:
Provides users with many of the same capabilities as AVG Email Archive, but limited to a rolling sixty (60) day archive of all email.

AVG Encrypted Email:
Encrypts emails on an enterprise or individual basis, according to configurable polices based on subject-matter lexicons, including HIPAA, Financial Services, UK NIN, and state data breach notification laws. Custom policies are also available to always encrypt email going “To:” a specific domain.

AVG Business SSO is designed for end users to log in securely and easily to all their services across all their devices by a single master password. This way you are in control. Your IT administrators and Managed Service Providers can easily consolidate and manage your credentials, and at the same time, tackle the risk with BYOD with the built in Mobile Device Management.

How does this benefit you?
Users will not have to remember multiple passwords for mass applications. Instead, one master password will be enough to access more than 2500 of the most frequently used, or the ability to add your own, applications from desktop, mobile and tablet. Eliminate the hassle of getting lost in a sea of passwords and resetting the password again and again.

Less risks and more protection:
AVG Business SSO offers additional security with multi-factor authentication to ensure a secure log-on from anywhere from multiple devices. Eliminate risk from easy to remember, reused and/or improperly managed passwords, reducing the risk of data breach. In addition, with integrated Mobile Device Management, you can easily protect your data on mobile devices remotely.

Increased productivity:
Users will be more productive when they don’t need to spend time tracking down and resetting passwords to access their services. Therefore, it frees up valuable IT resources by less forgotten password calls. With Active Directory integration, user management becomes effortless for IT admins, no need to add users manually to SSO. In this way, SSO greatly increases productivity for both end-users and IT.

Connection from anywhere
One-click connection allows you to remotely connect to devices from any web browser using the self-managed CloudCare Portal.

Quick issue fix:
As long as the device is connected to the Internet, issues can be resolved quickly and remotely avoiding the time and cost of travelling to and from your customer’s site.

Connect to devices with ease:
Resolve multiple device issues in one session.

Easily wake, restart or shutdown PCs remotely using our simple shortcut buttons.

Allows the AVG CloudCare self-managed administrator to chat to a user on their device.

File transfers:
Allows the AVG CloudCare self-managed administrator to transfer files to a user’s device.