Stuctured CablingProfessional Installation, Repair & Network Upgrades For Cat5e, Cat6, Fibre

Structured Data Cabling

We can design, supply, repair and upgrade both CAT5e (1Gb), CAT6 (1Gb) & CAT6a (10Gb) standards of network cabling and offer a lifetime warranty (10 years) on all new cabling projects completed. From first fix installation of quality low smoke zero halogen cable, through to complex multi-site structured networking and fibre optics including supply, installation and configuration of networking equipment.

Our staff regularly undergo relevant health and safety training including asbestos training in regards to cabling installation in older premises. Staff are supplied with all mandatory HSE equipment and will carry out a full risk assessment before proceeding with any of the following projects.

  • New building, complete office re-wire or office re-locations;
  • Additional cabling runs with new outlets;
  • Internal & external cabling;
  • Complex fault finding, testing, certification & documentation;
  • New cable runs for installation of additional systems or VOIP handsets;
  • Cabling installations to support Wi-Fi network installation;
  • Installation & configuration of networking hardware;
  • Supply, installation or relocation of data cabinets;
  • Supply / install of all networking accessories including patch cables, outlet boxes & trunking.

Cabling Types & Usage Explained:

It is extremely rare that we install CAT5e cabling since the introduction of CAT6, CAT6a & CAT7. Still supporting speeds of up to 1Gb it is still an extremely versatile cable being slightly smaller and more flexible than CAT6. In low bandwidth applications such as office environments where only basic file, internet and network printer access is needed, it is the most affordable option. CAT5e can be used to make links up to 100 metres before data loss starts to occur.

The main difference over CAT5e is that CAT6 has a plastic spine which separates the cable reducing “cross-talk” which effectively means lower levels of data loss. Because of the structure of the cable it is also extremely hard wearing and less sensitive to snagging and tight cornering than CAT5e. Ideal for high speed networking environments that need fast access to large files or an environment that will have heavy network traffic such as a school or call centre using VOIP handsets. As with CAT5e,
CAT6 can provide links of up to 100 meters before data loss occurs.

The ability to provide up to 10Gb networking with CAT6a is due to the shielding of the pairs inside the cable structure. This means that Cat6 “cross-talk” is reduced further although the cable is significantly thinner, making it harder to bend and install.  10GB networking comes at a significant premium over its predecessors but can offer amazing performance benefits to business environments such as CAD rending, 4K and high end video applications editing.

We can supply and install external grade CAT5e & CAT6 that has UV shielding to protect it from the sun. We often find internal grade cable has been used for external applications and with exposure to these elements, has failed.

Ideal for manufacturing & agriculture environments, we can supply shielded network cabling. This will protect network traffic by reducing the likelihood of data loss from high voltage machinery such as industrial compressors, chillers, milling machinery etc.

Fibre optic cabling uses light rather than electricity to send data at extremely high speeds over a considerably longer distance without data loss. Often used in education to complete network links between data cabinets dotted throughout a school.

We get a large amount of callouts due to internal cabling faults, often caused by old dilapidated wiring, lighting strikes or DIY telephone extensions. These can often lead to cracking lines and issues with internet connectivity ending in callout bills with your supplier, who will often not even attempt to resolve the issue. With our testing gear and knowledge, we can often quickly diagnose and resolve the issues or supply critical information that will give you the leverage to get your supplier to resolve the issue. We can also install or move existing telephone extensions at your property or business.

Need Expert Advice?

If you’re not sure what your organisation needs in regards to network cabling please get in touch, we offer free initial site surveys for all cabling projects – simply give us a call on 01603 670582 or fill in your details into the form and a member of the team will get in contact.