TP Link

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World’s No.1 Provider of WLAN Products

Having been consistently ranked the world’s largest supplier of Wireless networking products by unit shipments, TP-LINK has maintained impressive growth in 2013. In Q4 2013, TP-LINK gained 39.85% of global WLAN market share, leading our nearest competitor by 27.3%, and higher than the next 3 brands’ market shares combined in that quarter.

Clients Come First

TP-LINK strives to ensure that we function in a way that makes our customer’s lives easier to ensure long and mutually prosperous

Our Foundation is Quality

TP-LINK is built on quality both in product and especially in service. We aim to provide the best products that we possibly can and support those products with a service that reciprocates that same amount of quality that we strive to provide our customers.

Honest Enterprise

TP-LINK tries to be as transparent, honest, and trustworthy as possible both within the company between employees and with our clients and partners to maintain strong growth built on these solid principles.

Maintain Focus

TP-LINK is committed to growing within the networking and communications industry by constantly improving without deviating from our primary goals and product segments. In doing so we hope that, we can achieve excellence within our industry and lead accordingly.

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