## Issue Resolved ##

Their have been some issues with power at the data centre which hosts some of our clients websites from 15:30 today. All services are in the process of being restored and most are now back on-line.

Services that will be effected:

  • Website Access
  • Email (Pop & Hosted Exchange)
  • WordPress / Database Driven Websites

We will update this post with any further information.

Wed, 10 Feb 2016 18:09 +0000

Apologies for the delays. Servers are being powered up in stepped process in order to prevent further complications. Once an individual server is powered it needs to be fully checked for unexpected behaviour due to the sudden power loss. Work is ongoing.

Tuesday 16th February 2016:

Issue effecting our clients should now be resolved, please open a ticket if your still experiencing any issues with your hosting – support@easypcltd.co.uk | 01603670582

What Happened? | An Explanation From Our Hosting Provider

“As you may be aware, we recently suffered the worst single incident in our history due to a power outage at our Leeds data centre on Wednesday afternoon.

Emergency maintenance work was being carried out on the load transfer module, which feeds power from our external energy supplies to the data centre hall that holds the majority of our servers. The data centre has 2 dual feed uninterruptible supplies both backed by diesel generators in case of National Grid outages.

Unfortunately, a safety mechanism within the device triggered incorrectly, and resulted in a power outage of fewer than 9 minutes. Subsequently, this caused approximately 15,000 servers to be hard booted. Beyond a fire, this is the worst possible event that a hosting company can face. A full post mortem is currently being carried out to determine how power was lost on both supplies despite working with the external engineer from the hardware manufacturer.”