Quite often we get clients and customers asking  “What is my Public IP address”?

Due to the large surge in internet based services we are often asked by our clients what is our IP address, the address they are really referring to is their public IP. Public IP addresses are often needed for security testing (Testing that a Firewall is protect the network of private IP addresses), often clients will need their IP for connecting to a VPN, setting up IP CCTV system for remote access or for internet enabled card payment terminals.

What is my Public IP? 

An public IP address is a reference number which will allow outside system and services to connect to your internal private network. This public address brings traffic in via your internet connection using your router and firewall. The firewall can then be configured to deliver external data via open ports from your public IP to your internal private network via Network Address Translation (NAT). Each Public IP is individual to your internet connection and ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) often assigned public IP’s dynamically (changing each time your router reconnects to the internet). Businesses are often likely to have a static public IP address meaning this address will never change so setup services remain running. Your computer will also have an private IP address which either a server or router would have assigned, this address will be unique on your network and will allow your computer to communicate with the rest of network.

IP Address Exampleswhats-my-ip (Public) – IP V4 Address (Private) – IP v4 Address

To find out your public IP simply type into Google search “What is my IP”.