Microsoft OneDrive adds a Personal Vault for better security

We all seem to have our head in the clouds these days, in a good way! Cloud storage is the way forward for everyone, individual or commercial. Your data will never be lost through accidental damage, theft or cyber attacks, providing you follow best practices when it comes to security.

With 2FA (2 factor authentication) having someones password is no longer enough to gain unsolicited access to their data. Utilising 2FA means that an attacker would firstly need your password, and secondly have unlocked access to your phone. 2FA can be set up to either send you a text message with an access code, or to use an authentication app to generate one.

Later this year Microsoft will be adding this feature for all OneDrive users. If you like the idea of having your data secure but hate the idea of having to wait then good news! Microsoft have already implemented 2FA into their Office 365 business licenses. Not only does this protect your OneDrive data, but will also protect your entire email account and associated services.

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