Take your business on the road and leave the in-house server behind. Cloud services provide unparalleled security and flexibility for you and your business.

Whatever stage you’re at, we can provide expert consultancy and project management for your migration to the cloud.

Productivity and flexibility are at the heart of every business. The working day revolves around technology and our clients no longer want to be constrained to an office desk environment.  Mobile working has become the norm.

Microsoft365 has transformed the way that businesses work, allowing people access to their data anywhere on any device, confident in the knowledge that class-leading security and compliance controls are in place.

The Microsoft Azure cloud enables you to extend your on-premise infrastructure and adopt cloud services easily and efficiently, providing enterprise-grade solutions to any size of business via their global data centre network.

Azure provides access to a wide range of services, capable of solving many business challenges – from traditional infrastructure, storage, backup and data management solutions to cutting-edge innovations in machine-learning and the “Internet of Things”.

Exclaimer Cloud is an Microsoft365 solution for organizations to centrally manage professional Microsoft365 signatures for all users sending email from any device. There’s no end to how many email signatures you can make. Create email signature templates for individual users, employees who speak in various languages, different groups/departments or for the entire organization.

Updates to signatures are instant, easily alter any elements in an email signature and see the amendment instantly. Make Microsoft365 signatures come alive by adding personal photo images to your users’ signatures, all centrally managed and easy-to-setup. When an Microsoft365 user starts to compose an email in Outlook, the signature assigned to them is automatically added to their message with pre-populated contact details. If they have multiple signatures that apply to them, users are able to choose a signature template they’d like to use from the drop-down menu in Outlook.


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