New Ryzen Processors

On 7/7, AMD released their new desktop processors with a cutting edge 7nm manurfacturing process that makes them more power efficient but also faster than previous AMD CPU’s. This is currently the worlds most advanced manurfactoring technology that delivers great perfomance whilst remaining cool and quiet.

The introduction of AMD’s new architecture, Zen2, means that AMD CPU’s have higher itructions per clock (IPC), up to 15% more instructions per cycle, higher induvidual core performance as well as the general improvement to clock speeds that every new generation usually brings with it in order to achieve new perfomace thresholds.

Third generation Ryzen processors are the worlds first platform that are PCIe 4.0 ready, with X570 motherboards, and offers incredible peformace for PCIe 4.0 grapchics cards and NVME drives.

The latest product stack of Ryzen Processors have many use cases such as cloud computing solutions, enterprise productivity, gaming, streaming and immersive visual experiences. Since the start, AMD have engineered the new Zen 2 processors to offer the most cost effective solution whilst providing more throughput, powerful multi-threading capabilities and larger caches than their competitors.

All of AMD’s processors accross their entire product stack come bundled with a cooler, another advantage against intel, and use the same AM4 socket, that Zen and Zen+ used, adding a easy upgrade path for existing Ryzen users.

These new processors offer a substatial update over the previous Zen and Zen+ lineup. Ryzen 3000 (Zen2) processors offer 2X L3 & L2 cache (up to 32MB), 2X floating point performance (256-bit), 2X OpCahce (4K) and 2X Infinity Fabric bandwidth (512-bit) as well as a new TAGE branch predictor. All of this enables AMD to achieve perfomance on par or even faster that the latest intel offerings at a much more affordable price not to mention the fact Ryzen processors have more cores than their intel equivalent.