F-Secure – Computer Protection

F-Secure Computer Protection is the best endpoint security solution for Windows and Mac computers, proven year after year by independent security experts, such as AV-Test.

It provides you with much more than antivirus. It offers you next-generation security, such as threat intelligence, machine learning, and proactive protection against all threats, including ransomware and 0-day attacks.

F-Secure – Server Security

High-profile attacks have proven that servers remain a critical part of the overall security strategy. Because of the vital role they play, servers are one of the most targeted business assets.

In addition to proper configuration, you need proven security that leverages real-time threat intelligence, modern technologies such as heuristic analysis, and tools like patch management to ensure that security levels meet the rigors of the modern security landscape.

Servers are mission-critical to your communication, collaboration and data storage. F-Secure Server Security provides the utmost security for your servers, while enabling them to run at peak performance.


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